DCI technology

It is a known fact that bicycle vibrations negatively influence the riding comfort of cyclists. The primary source of vibrations is uneven surface pavement. We have developed a “Dynamic Comfort Index“(DCI) which allows for determination of riding comfort in bicycles.
We have developed a simple and effective method for objective bicycle vibration measurement. The method utilizes GPS and accelerometer devices mounted on a bicycle.  The measurements are then processed and the localized DCI is computed.  DCI visualization is then possible via a web-map application.
The DCI method was published in Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies in 2015. If you have access to ScienceDirect you can read it. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us.


How you can utilize DCI?

Cycling tracks and cycling paths administrators
You will be able to observe the quality of paths and evaluate objectively the state of these communications for possible reconstructions.

 If you are a cyclist
DCI can be utilized by families with children who are interested in finding comfortable paths with a smooth surface with minimal vibrations. It can also be used by mountain-bike cyclists who, in contrast, have a preference for a rougher surface

 Web-map server operators and cartography companies
The users of your data and maps will easily recognize surface quality. We have applied DCI to several roads and paths in order to demonstrate its meaning.

 … and how can we start?

Ask us if you need to process your data. We can perform mapping of selected roads (cycling tracks, paths) via our probe bicycle. We will eventually send you a report including localized DCI data. You will also receive the positions of the points with unsuitable surface qualities.

We can also calculate DCI from your data. We can advise you on how to measure, process and calculate your data. Feel free to contact us.

A visualisation of your data via our web map application on the CDV map server. Contact us for further details.